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Recent Cases

Our Recent Cases

Most law firms won’t touch oral contracts. They find them too risky. But Lepine Law Group has been successful at proving these cases, in which the most convincing evidence is usually the conduct of the parties; what they did before and after the oral agreement was reached. Often, it is the defendant who makes the best witness for enforcement.


Oral Contract

The first oral contract Lepine Law Group proved to a jury was a business agreement between two men of a certain age to start an industrial compost facility. The plaintiff sued after he had put innumerable hours into the project and his former long-term friend and partner, refused to honor their agreement. But the evidence was obvious: the defendant’s right-hand man had sent plaintiff a resume and had looked at office space with him to house the compost business. The defendant even paid for marketing materials with checks he signed personally. The jury was convinced and awarded $2,800.000 to the “idea guy.”


Domestic Arena

In the domestic arena, Lepine Law Group has successfully litigated these types of cases as well.  In one such case, plaintiff sued the father of her child who had promised her she could live in one of his bungalows if she dismissed her request for state enforced child support. She did as he asked, but after their child had graduated from college, the defendant tried to evict her. The jury heard each side give their version of the story, saw that she had withdrawn her support request for government support, and awarded her the equivalent of the cost of her rent for life.


Family Mediation

In another case, a plaintiff sued her former spouse for stringing her along saying he would marry her and put her name on the title of the rental properties she helped him locate, renovate, and manage for ten years. The jury heard both sides, heard evidence that plaintiff’s own company had gone bankrupt due to her absence working on their joint projects, and awarded her $600,000 for her share of the equity.


Oral Contract

More recently, Lepine Law Group has been assisting oral contract plaintiffs outside of California. One recent case involving a commercial real estate joint venture settled in mediation for seven figures without going to trial. Another client involved in a dispute for their interest in medical marijuana corporations is consulting with our counsel to ensure enforcement of the parties’ agreement.

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Amy Lepine has been successful in these cases in California and other states because if she is convinced of the facts, she can convince a jury of them. She partners up with plaintiff’s lawyers in jurisdictions outside of California to be able to prosecute these cases in other parts of the country. Ms. Lepine enjoys representing David against Goliath in these cases and considers it an honor to help balance the growing wealth disparity.

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