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Lepine Law Mediation

Most people, from business partners to intimates, have to go through a certain amount of conflict for settlement to become possible. Having seen thousands of cases, and been deeply involved in a multitude disputes, Amy Lepine has learned to keep her eye on the goal: resolving the case.

With 20 years’ experience as a trial lawyer, Ms. Lepine can recognize which cases should settle and which need to be tried. The bottom line is that the vast majority of cases should settle; that is, if the parties are conscious enough to make good decisions. “Helping parties recognize when not to fight is the greater skill. Reframing the dispute is a gift I bring to the situation.”

Ms. Lepine has successfully mediated business and domestic disputes. She has been formally trained in mediation by Steven Rosenburg. Amy is also a meditation guide and yogi trained in Buddhist philosophy. This background, combined with her solid academic and litigation experience, informs a unique perspective that she uses for the benefit of all her clients.

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